Here’s what people are saying about their experience with relational training:

The Relational Center shaped the person and the therapist I am today. Everywhere I go, I take The Relational Center with me. I bring the curiosity, empathy, understanding of multiple perspectives, and awareness that I could have only received from my experiences at The Relational Center. I couldn’t have asked for a more impactful  training experience.

— Nalaie (graduate of 3 years of relational training at The Relational Center)

I like the experience of being seen, accepted, and valued for who I am in training and community.  This gave me a grounded sensitivity and openness to diversity  and modeled how to ensure space for different ways of being and communicating. This helps me to be open to and with my clients and to stand up for these values in the world.

— Monica (graduate of 3 years of relational training at The Relational Center)

For me, what I like most about relational training is that it’s experiential. As you train, share your story, and witness others sharing theirs, bonds are created between the participants and a community is formed. You feel more connected to the work and your fellow trainees. You come away from the experience not just with newly acquired knowledge and skills but also with newly formed relationships and community. It’s an extremely fulfilling experience. And from that you can share authentically with clients how valuable it can be for them because you’ve already had a real-time experience of building a relational community.

— Kira (graduate of 3 years of relational training at The Relational Center)


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